How to Be a Better Project Manager

Tips in Managing Regional Projects Efficiently | taught by Dennis Kwan

Course description

Hello and thanks for checking this course.

In this course, I will be sharing with you some of the best tips that I have ever managed and come across. Most of them are from my years of real-life experiences in managing Asia Pacific projects.

This course helps you elevating your authority, without having to go through all the mistakes and long expensive lessons that I had ever made previously.

If you follow these steps, I can assure / guarantee that you will save a lot of your precious time. And you will fast track your way in getting the lifestyle / reputation that you desperately deserved.

People will know you are able to manage projects efficiently, able to communicate with all levels of stakeholders and also good credibility to give great services.

Master these skills that I am going to teach you, people will believe that you definitely have the capability, capacity and credibility.

It doesn't matter what industry that you are in, it doesn't matter what fields you are in. It also doesn't matter whether you are just starting out to manage projects.

All of the course tips are practical and easy implementable techniques that you can use it right away without any budget, without much technical skills and effort.

It suits all levels and I will walk you through exactly step by step of what you suppose to do to improve your project management skills right now.

You cannot afford to miss out any of these tips.

Avoid what I have done, that helps to improve your skills.

Place an order in this course and I will 'meet' you the other side. 

Let's get started.


  • Manage project team efficiently
  • Deliver projects within scope, time and budget
  • Able to manage stakeholders with ease 
  • Get high Customer satisfaction
  • Handle projects with ease
  • And many more.

Who is the target audience? 
The course is suitable for those would like to 

  • develop better Project Management skills
  • learn more about project scoping control
  • develop schedule management and cost tracking skills
  • make a powerful first impression
  • be better project communicator


This course is in Beta and still under development.

When finished, it will cost $497, but right now it's only $197!

I'm selling the course at this price to also gather testimonials & feedback for the future topics.

The price will increase as new videos, materials are uploaded or the next 15 spots are taken.

Dennis Kwan
Dennis Kwan

I have 20+ years of industry experience, 10+ years of training experience. Engages participants by using realistic cases and practical examples to enhance participants' learning and application of the development skills acquired. 

I am a thought leader on how to create and sustain high performance. 

I like to combine theory with management practices to develop action-oriented techniques for building winning teams. 

I advocate encouraging individuals in participants life-long learning and self-knowledge to achieve career results and personal wins.

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