Course Description

Project Management has been a prestigious certification. 

It brought many people from all walks of life from engineering to the next senior level in the corporate ladder.

It helps anybody who wants to organise and manage projects professionally. 

Project Management knowledge is diverse and is applicable to everyone's daily life.

Regardless of any Industry, project management certification helps you to become one of the renowned and well-known project management professionals.

This course has simplified the eligibility requirements. 

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Dennis Kwan

Having more than 25 years of varied I.T. project management experience. I am specialised in both Predictive (Waterfall) and Adaptive (Agile) methodologies with Top 500 Fortune MNCs, Finance Institutions and the public sector.

With more than a decade of corporate world exposure, participants are able to benefit from my real-life project experiences in all training.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    PMP Eligibility Requirements

    • PMP Eligibility Requirements

    • How to Clock Project Hours

    • Application Review

  • 2

    Examination Fees

    • PMP Certification Fees

  • 3

    PMP Audit Process

    • What to do if your application is chosen for audit

  • 4

    PMP Examination Information

    • Exam Test Centers

    • Exam Format

  • 5

    On the Exam Day

    • What to do on Exam Day

  • 6

    Post Activities After Passing The Test

    • PMP Certification - Exam Pass

    • Continuing Certification Requirement (CCR) Program