How To Apply For Project Management Examination

A Step-By-Step Guide to apply for PMP examination | taught by Dennis Kwan
  • 10 Videos
  • 8.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Examination Fees
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PMP Audit Process
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PMP Examination Information
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On the Exam Day
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Post Activities After Passing The Test
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Course description

Project Management has along been a prestigious certification 

It brought many people from engineering to the next senior level in the corporate ladder.

It helps anybody who wants to organise and manage projects professionally. 

Project Management knowledge is diverse and is applicable to daily life.

Regardless of any Industry, project management certification helps you to become one of the renowned and well-known project management professionals.

This course has simplified the eligibility requirements. 

Click on the red button above and below to enter the world of Project Management certification.

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Dennis Kwan
Dennis Kwan

A professional with 20+ years of experience working with multi-national companies in Asia Pacific. Engages participants by using realistic cases and practical examples to enhance participants' learning and application of the development skills acquired. 

I combine theory with management practices to develop action-oriented techniques for building winning teams. 

I also provide personal constructive feedback, advocate encouraging individuals in participants life-long learning to achieve career results and personal wins.